Miss Wilson’s busy week!

Well…currently sat at home reflecting after a very busy week! So much has happened: parents evening, ICT learning walk, Gloucester Schools’ Partnership and then heat 2 of the ‘Stars of the Future’ talent show. I think this has been my best week at Coopers Edge School. Celebrating the progress of the children in my class, with their parents and then on Wednesday inviting 2 governors to observe the use of ICT in our school. Thursday was a great day for the school- hosting GSP, welcoming over 150 pupils from 22 primary schools. Check out the GSP blog to find out more- http://www.gloucesterschoolspartnership.wordpress.com

The end of the week finished on a big high- heat 2 of the talent show. 9 acts have been chosen to go through to the final (next Friday) I’m looking forward to see which acts go home with the cash prizes! 🙂 Now time to await the ‘Voice’ final. Until next time… 🙂

Everything space…to infinity and beyond!

Hello to whoever is reading my blog. Just a little bit of an update to keep you posted with some Woodpecker news but also to let you know what I have been up to! We’ve been learning about everything space in our class, finding out about all the different planets and yesterday we found out how day and night happens. The children had to write an explanation text to explain the process. It was a little confusing at first but I think they’ve finally understood it now 🙂

There was a lot of snow in our playground this week so we went on a bit of a snow walk around the grounds. We talked a lot about our senses but also found some bizarre footprints that didn’t look anything like children’s feet, we agreed that it was probably an animal paw print. Possibly a cat, fox or even badger?! Who knows?!

Today we had a fun afternoon, we spent some time sharing our thoughts and understanding about morals- what’s right and wrong. We talked about punishment and praise and how nice it is to be praised by our friends. I hope they’ve all come home to you all this evening and are offering to help with the washing up, using please and thank yous and being kind 🙂

Very chilly this evening…enjoy your weekends and I’ll blog again soon.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas 2012

Busy busy week!

We’ve had a busy week in the Woodpecker’s class this week! The main focus of our new topic is ‘Social Enterprise’. If you don’t know what this is, ask one of the children, they would be happy to tell you more. It was an exciting day for me on Wednesday… I was greeted at the door by the children singing “Happy Birthday!” to me. This put a big smile on my face and it was a great way to start the day. We finished on a high aswell, chocolate cake and a game of musical statues! On Thursday afternoon, Mrs Pearce had my class whilst I went to visit a school in Tewkesbury to get some advice on using iPads in primary schools. Being the role of ICT subject leader, it’s really useful to see iPads in action and I can’t wait until the children of Coopers Edge get to have a play on them and use them to support their learning. If you are reading my blog and you know of some great apps to use in education, please comment and share them! I would love to give them a go.

We’re still enjoying Quad Blogging…look at http://www.blogclubces.wordpress.com to find out more about it. I hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂

Trainee Teachers

I’d like to welcome to the Woodpeckers class: Miss Morrish and Miss Stafford. They will be with us for 3 weeks (2 weeks remaining) and they will be supporting the children and making observations of the day to day running of the class. The children are enjoying their presence in the classroom and are looking forward to the next couple of weeks. We like having visitors in the Woodpeckers 🙂

Quad Blogging

So this week starts an exciting new chapter in the blogging journey. We will be linking up with 3 other schools worldwide to support one another in our class blogs. Visit our blogclubces page to find the links to the schools we are with. Each week a school takes it in turns to publish their work on their blogs. The 3 other schools then focus on commenting that week and we alternate each week. I’m thinking that the children in Woodpeckers can publish their Roman myths with text and audio! Watch this space for more updates. 🙂

Family Assembly

I had such an amazing day, not only is it Friday, half term with a week holiday but it was our first family assembly. Everyone played a key part and I know I’m biased but they were all superb!! Definitely a very proud moment when you see all the children working together to create such a great performance. The audience loved it, the biscuits were tasty and the feedback was all extremely positive. To top it all off, finishing on a high after lots of hard work by all this term. A week off to recharge and back to it on Monday 29th. Have a great week and I look forward to more fun when we get back 🙂

Number patterns – Numeracy Game

Click on this link to play the number patterns game which we will be looking at in Numeracy this week:

Number Patterns – Crack the Mission Code

What would it have been like as a Roman soldier?

Today we found out all about the Roman army. Did you know they would walk up to 24miles a day? Find out more about life as a Roman soldier by the blogs written this afternoon- http://www.blogclubces.wordpress.com



Children Blogging

I’m currently sat watching X Factor and blogging!! How times have changed?! I just want to share my WOW moment as I cannot wait until Tuesdays assembly! Kiddies from Coopers Edge are blogging from home. It’s amazing! Keep an eye on what they’re blogging about by visiting http://www.blogclubces.wordpress.com and comment away!! We need to build up an audience, so please share this with friends and family. Right, time to concentrate on X Factor and put my iPad down 🙂

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